About Mike


A little bit about myself

I'm a full-stack developer, dabbling in a bit of everything. Mostly front-end development in React and Angular with a side of Java and JVM languages like Kotlin and Groovy. Graduate of Iowa State and Penn State with about a decade of hobby and professional development under my belt.

After a few years out west I’ve returned to my roots in the midwest US and now work as a Principal Technologist at Object Partners in Omaha, Nebraska.

What I do

  • React

    React UIs with Redux & Redux Saga

  • Javascript

    All the Javascript things!

  • Java

    Services, auth, and infrastructure

  • Kotlin

    It's the future.

  • Typescript

    For when Javascript gets scary.

  • Tools

    Git, Jira, etc, etc


My life, reduced to numbers

  • 9 Years Experience
  • > 10000 Commits
  • 4 Clients
  • 8 Projects
  • 32 Repositories
  • 9 Conference Talks


Conferences I have spoken at


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